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We increase revenues for manufacturing companies through perfect quality control.

Save costs and be a top supplier

Avoid claims thanks to perfect quality control

Keep up with modern technologies

Innovate wisely using artificial intelligence

Our machine vision solution is designed for manufacturing companies facing a shortage of workers and/or providing their customers with a high level of quality. It saves costs, is accurate, fast, works 24/7, and sees defects that are unrecognisable by the human eye.

Simple control with camera image capture and software data evaluation to complex operations using machine learning and neural networks based on artificial intelligence.

We use machine vision to check any product, dimensions, deviations, compare color, and oversee the completeness of the product. We find a defect on the surface, and using suitable defectoscopy methods, inside the material.

Control speeds ranging as fast as a matter of milliseconds.

Implement machine vision into your operations

Cut costs

for claims caused by insufficient output control

Increase your rating

with suppliers thanks to perfect quality control

Increase revenues

deploy or expand Industry 4.0

Do not allow scrap into the production process

reduce costs by controlling production inputs

Standardize control

with full automation

Keep quality under control

throughout the production proces


Parameters under control

Robots navigation - position, bin picking, input/output/inter operational quality
Dimension, shapes, angles, surface
Color, codes, and text reading
Packaging - completeness, packing inspection, content identification
Traceability - code reading (bar code, QR, Nr), expiration date, lot number
Traffic - accidents & collision prevention

Our solution is the best fit for quality control in:

Pharmaceutical industry

Our success cases

strojove videni jogurty


Completeness of packaging

Checking the completeness of packaging before distribution (yoghurts in the blister)

Product position on the line

Checking the position of the product on the production line

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Manufacturing and Engineering

Spring inspection

Inner and outer diameter, curvature, pitch of threads, surface defects

Quality of plastic products

Inspection of surface defects, burrs, cold joints, dimensions

Final product

Checking the completeness of the final product after manual assembly

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Handling technology

Monitoring the movement of handling equipment and people

Trajectory calculation

Handling technology

Warning precautions

Application of warning precautions, motion prediction, collision risk reduction, and lighting for pedestrian crossing

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Pills in blister

Pharmaceutical industry


Completeness of packaging


Packing inspection, content identification (by color, shape)


Code reading (bar code, QR, NR), expiration date, lot number

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Adéla Koudelková

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David Prošek

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Jan Procházka


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We increase revenues for manufacturing companies through perfect quality control.

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